The development trend of automotive connectors

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At present, global automotive connectors account for about 15% of the connector industry. In the future, driven by automotive electronic products, it is expected to occupy a larger proportion. In terms of product cost structure, the average connector cost per car in China is only a few hundred yuan. Compared with foreign countries, the connector cost per car is about US$125 to US$150. China’s automotive connector market still has Great development potential. In the future, each car will use 600-1,000 electronic connectors, far more than the number used today.

China is expected to become an important production base for global automotive connectors in the future. In addition to the existing first-line well-known international manufacturers, other manufacturers that have not yet set up factories in China will gradually establish production bases in China to supply local automotive component manufacturers due to the increasing local demand, localized procurement, cost advantages and other factors. need.

Therefore, the future of China's automotive connector industry will be a very fierce competition between foreign-funded enterprises and Chinese local enterprises! China will also become one of the important production countries of automobile connectors under the development of foreign-funded enterprises and local enterprises. It remains to be seen who will become the overlord of China's automotive connectors from local enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises in the future!

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